The curriculum consists of eight learning modules, each of which encompasses a set of main themes. These, along with the inter-relationships between them, are described briefly below. The main themes are broken down into sub-themes which form the actual lessons.

Module 01

The Creator and His Creation

This module is dedicated to man’s relationship with his Creator. It covers Tawhid (monotheism), discussing the existence of Allah,…

Module 02

Divine Guidance

Having created us, Allah continues to nurture and guide us. This module covers the lutf and adalah of Allah, and explores the understanding…

Module 03

Rasulullah (s) –
Communicating the Message

This module is a continuation of Divine Guidance through nubuwwah and focuses on the life, the sirah and the…

Module 04

The A'immah (a)

This module is a further continuation of the concept of Divine Guidance but focuses on the divinely appointed successors…

Module 05

Upholding the Message
during Ghaybah

This module is dedicated to the Imam of our time, Imam al-Mahdi (a). It covers the concept of ghaybah,…

Module 06

Roadmap to Self-Purification

This module examines the distinction between the body and the soul and discusses the roadmap (shari‘ah) sent down by…

Module 07

Societal wellbeing

This module is a continuation of the road map to self-purification but at the societal instead of the individual…

Module 08

The Hereafter –
Return to the Creator

This module completes the cycle that began with the creation of Allah and ends with the return to Him….