Frequently asked questions

Can teachers change students’ passwords?
Yes – teachers will have the ability to reset the students’ password within the teachers’ dashboard.

Can a student change their password?
Yes – students can change their password in their profile.

What does the platform cost?
The fees are UK£20/US$30/CAD$35/EUR25/AUS$35 per student per year. If any madrasah is unable to pay the fees, they should approach MCE.

Is the content on the digital platform the same as the books and the current MCE website?
Yes, the digital platform and the current MCE website will be updated concurrently with content and resources.

What is in the overview videos?
The overview videos are a quick 2 minute summary of what the lesson entails. These are currently a work in progress, and their absence does not hinder the learning of the lesson.

Will teachers be informed whenever updates are made to the platform?
Yes, regular comms will be sent either via email or a pop-up box to inform madaris of any updates.

When will Band A and B be ready on the digital platform?
We anticipate Bands A and B being ready by the end of 2021 – Inshallah sooner if possible!

Will you be introducing end of module assessments for the digital platform?
Yes, Inshallah, the plan is to prepare an assessment of the module for students – we are currently reviewing the best format for this and will be in touch with the teachers regarding this.

Does the madrasah get the feedback that a student submits?
The feedback button is to capture any technical issues the student/teacher is experiencing and any content-related issues (typos/grammar/wrong reference etc.) If any feedback is deemed as worthy of the teacher being informed, we will forward it on. However, at present, all feedback comes directly to the MCE team.

Does the digital platform work on mobile phones?
The digital platform only works on tablets, laptops and desktop computers. Mobile phones are not compatible due to the small screen size.

What happens if a student shares their login ID?
The system monitors multiple logins of the same ID and will get flagged by the system. We would encourage the madrasah admin to educate the students regarding not sharing their login and password.

Will we get assistance to fill the enrolment template?
Yes. The MCE team is on hand to support all madaris through this process.

Madrasah globally have classes either on Saturday or Sunday. Will the server cope with the capacity of everyone logging on at the same time?
Yes. The platform developers have been testing load capacity at various times and are confident we will have no issues with capacity during core madrasah time.

Is the platform compatible with google classrooms/ classe365?
Yes, our developers are developing a workaround to integrate the Tarbiyah LMS with Google classroom/Classe 365.

Can we delete a student that has left?
Yes. Once the admin portal is ready, they will be able to delete students that are no longer enrolled. Until then, please inform the MCE team of any students that need deactivating.

Can we delete a teacher that is no longer with the madrasah?
Yes. Once the admin portal is ready, they will be able to deactivate teachers that are no longer part of the madrasah. Until then, please inform the MCE team of any students that need deactivating.

Is the platform for madaris only, or can homeschooling / independent learners also use the platform?
Yes, the platform is enabled for homeschooling; however, the priority will be to set up our current madaris before phasing the platform for independent learning.

Is there a separate portal for teachers to see progress?
Yes, the teachers portal will have all the capabilities of tracking all the students in their classes from attendance to progress on learning and results from activities.

Will the admin team be able to oversee all aspects of the madrasah?
Yes, the admin portal will have overall access to all aspects of the madrasah online delivery.

Who is the main point of contact from the madrasah with the MCE team?
The admin team is the main point of contact with the MCE team.

Do teachers still need to be Tarbiyah trained to use the digital platform?
Yes, all teachers still need to be trained in how to deliver their teaching sessions with the training program created for Tarbiyah teachers.

Will you provide a tutorial for teachers to show students how to use the platform?
Yes, a guide/tutorial will be shared with all madaris taking on the platform so students can be trained on how to use the new platform.

Can a teacher add a student to more than one Band?
Yes, teachers have the ability to add students to as many bands as required by enrolling the students’ registration again for the additional band.